About my Jewelry


Since 2012

Atelier in Offenbach/Frankfurt



Jewelry Design, University of Applied Sciences Trier / Idar- Oberstein



 „Staatlich geprüfter Designer für Schmuck und Gerät“ at the Goldsmith school in Pforzheim



“Hessischer Staatspreis” of Verband des Kunsthandwerks Hessen e.V.


Talente Award” Munich


Graduate Prize of the Gallery Marzee

Zonta Prize for the best Diploma at the University of Applied Sciences Trier in Design 


My jewelry pieces are handmade by me and produced in a small amount in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. I work together with stone shops, who own certified mines and I often use left over materials of stone companies who work in bigger dimensions. Through my collaboration with Steinbeisser, a duo, who are organizing dining events and bring vegetarian and local food together with art pieces. I focused myself to find out which stone mines are in Europe and what kind of stones are present over here.  More and more I draw my attention to the stones which surround me and explore their beauty.